Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gucci G Star T-Shirt

Gucci T-Shirt

Gucci G-star T-Shirt with Web Detail Autumn / Winter 2011 Collection

Gucci T-Shirt

The Gucci G-Star T-Shirt is a white 100% cotton T-Shirt from the Autumn Winter 2011 menswear collection.  It's immediately recognisable as Gucci, despite the censored G**** logo on the front (you'll never see a Gucci shirt with "GUCCI" printed on the front - Gucci just don't do that, although there's no shortage of fakes).

Just under the G**** slogan there's the classic red and dark blue web design stripe.

Gucci T-Shirt

The white background with the red and blue stripe and logo work really well together.  Altogether a beautiful shirt, from one of my favourite brands.  I saw photos of Will Smith wearing this shirt at a show he did last Autumn.

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